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Digital Kreationz mission is to create innovative design ideas utilizing platforms and mutual collaboration between designer and client.

Our Values

Digital Kreationz makes a commitment to clients by offering quality service through creativity and a passion for making the impossible, possible.

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Digital Kreationz strives to offer visually effective solutions to our clients that spark an interest in their business products and services.

About Digital Kreationz

dkgfx_logo-simpleThere are many influences in life that can set us on our current career path. ¬†My background is such that I encountered many stepping stones along life’s path that sparked my passion for graphic arts and information technology. When I was ten years old I gained an interest in drawing and began by creating my own sketches. I was surrounded by graffiti art and traditional art that influenced my artistic choices as a teen, ¬†growing up in Los Angeles. During my formative high school years, my teacher encouraged me to enter an art contest for which the grand prize was a summer school scholarship to Otis Parsons College of Art and Design. Much to my amazement, I won the grand prize and enjoyed the opportunity to study art at that school.

As time progressed, I made the decision to put my artistic abilities to best use by enrolling in an architectural program of study in college. A pivotal moment was reached when I discovered computers. I took every possible opportunity to expand my computer knowledge and began by hand coding html from its start. It was at National Education Center that my passion for computers grew and I decided to merge my love for art and computers. By the age of eighteen I had begun designing with print and illustration. I started my own small design business when I was twenty years old. I ran the business for approximately five years, before moving on to other freelancing pursuits.

My knowledge about computers continued to expand. I learned how to take apart and put computers back together in working order. I learned troubleshooting skills as well as how to build computer systems from start to finish. While others were learning how to speak Spanish and French I was busy learning the language of html and css.

Freelancing work has taken me to new heights. I am experienced in graphic design, web design, print layout, illustration, html/css, and web development. I have also implemented various CMS (content management system) platforms into my projects. Design can be anything from artistically simple to elegant and complex. Great attention to detail is taken during the creative process. I stand behind my work and take great pride in being of service to you. My goal is to take care of your business needs and help build and improve your online presence. It is these skills and years of experience that put me at the forefront of computers and graphic design.